The work continues; by the time the structural work is finished there’ll be around 72,000 metres of new timber, 11 new structural piles and 500 deck beams and 350 lattice girders will have been replaced.

You can watch the changes happening live via the Pier webcam.

Easter 2016 Opening Date for New Pier – updated 17.4

We were delighted last week to be able to announce a firm opening date for the pier, albeit one that has to account for a couple of months delay to the works – mainly caused by the winter storms last year – and then wait out the coming winter so we can open at the start of the good weather next year. That’s why we chose Monday 21st March – the Monday before the Easter week-end next year.

We’ll get shareholders and locals onto the pier before then, I’m sure. The works will be complete this year and we’re planning Christmas pop-up activities at the least. But it’s the financial needs of the pier that really drove the decision to wait through the winter. The monies raised to fund the renovation stop at completion; after that the pier must pay its own way and we simply weren’t prepared to open a British seaside attraction mid-Autumn with only the winter to look forward to. Nor did we want the first six months of the new pier to be loss-making.

However, I was perplexed and dismayed at the tack taken by the BBC TV when announcing the opening date. Aside from stating that the pier is opening a year late – which is wrong, misleading and smacks of a made up headline simply for effect – they also misrepresented me when they edited my interview with them, creating a negative and hostile encounter with implications of mismanagement and poor financial governance. Personally, I am unconcerned how the BBC choose to manipulate the situation, but their reporting that day called into question the integrity and professionalism of the entire team at the Hastings Pier Charity and every member of the workforce on the pier, who do difficult and sometimes dangerous work in all weathers. I thought they all deserved better.

So for those of you who saw that coverage and wondered, please be assured that it does not in any way represent the truth of the situation or the needs of the pier as we begin to plan for returning a fully functional, 21st century seaside pier to the town of Hastings.

Simon Opie
CEO – Hastings Pier Charity

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A great deal of work, enormous local, regional and national support and very substantial financial awards have enabled this project to take shape. The following organizations have been, and will continue to be, vital to the economic health and success of this project: